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A complete range of Soil, Waste and Overflow systems for any design application


Whether your preference is solvent weld or push-fit assembly, HSB Plastic's Soil and Waste Systems offer a comprehensive above ground plastic drainage system; suitable for carrying sanitary waste from domestic, commercial and industrial installations.
The installer has the flexibility to select either Hunter's push-fit or solvent systems.


Soil and Waste Benefits

Durable and impact resistant

Colour co-ordination of soil and waste with rainwater systems

Easily matched and fixed to existing materials and systems

A variety of bends, branches, boss fittings and adaptors for maximum versatility and installation efficiency


What we have available

Underground Drainage
280mm Manhole chamber
320mm Manhole chamber
470mm Manhole chamber
Flexible couplings

Above Ground

Soil & Waste System
110mm Soil system
32mm Waste system
40mm Waste system




General Info


FloPlast Underground Drainage Systems comply where applicable, with the requirements of the following British Standards.

BS EN 1401-1: 1998 PVC-U Underground Drainage Systems

BS4660: 2000 PVC-U Ancilliary Items ( Rodding Eyes, Access fittings etc)

BS EN 124: 1994 Access Covers, Gratings and Frames.

BS 7158: 2001 Plastic Inspection Chamber for Drainage.

Drainage Pipe has a British Standard Kitemark.


FloPlast PVC-U pipes are supplied in secure bales bound with straps within timber frames, FloPlast recommend that movement of bales is carried out by fork lift or other mechanical device using webbing or rope strings.

The bales may be stacked up to a maximum of three high, providing that the timber frames are placed on each other.

Fittings are generally supplied in plastic bags and should be stored away from direct sunlight. If they have to be stored outside, the bags should be opened to prevent temperature build-up.

The FloPlast underground drainage range is excellent and offers great value for money. One of theFloPlast products is detailed below:



Above are a small number of products that we sell. Please call to enquire more.