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We also have a large number of DIY Tools in our shop. Please feel free to come in and take a browse. We have tools for all your needs. We offer a competitive price and we specialise in certain areas of specialist tools.


All tools are quality brand names you can trust.



Lead is extremely resistant to atmospheric corrosion, is a great sound-proofer, protects against radiation and offers no dangers to the effects of lightening. Lead can also be worked into the most complicated of shapes. When lead is worked into different shapes to suit different roof applications, the process is called “Dressing”. Lead is used because it is a very durable material which has the ability to expand and contract with varying temperatures. This is essential on a roof which is quite obviously open to all elements. 

Adhesives and Sealants

There is a wide range of adhesives & sealants available to trade and DIY customers of HSB Plastics. Our adhesives & sealants range includes everything from the latest 'Grab' products for fixing skirting boards and surrounds. Liquid metal for replacing screws and rivets. Wet Grab for use in areas where there is moisture present.

Porch Columns


At HSB we also supply various porch columns to the public at very competitive prices. Please contact us for further enquiries.


Choose from a range of Porches, lean to designs, flat or victorian style roofs. PVCu, also known as uPVC or PVC is the most popular option, a choice of colours including a wood grain finish – so ensuring that your new porch will match the rest of your home.